• 21 februára, 2023

Mauro Crippa, growth in agricultural and industrial sectors

New warehouses and investments in technology and automation, Bracchi growth continues in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Bracchi faces the effects of the energy crisis and continues to grow in key areas: exceptional transport and technical logistics for industry. Cargo and Supply Chain Business Unit Director, Mauro Crippa. „We meet the challenges of exceptional transports and technical logistics thanks to the integration of our group’s competences on a European level.

Rising commodity prices, inflation, slowdowns and blockages in the global logistics network. Despite the many challenges of this 2022, the Bracchi Group is continuing its expansion, thanks in part to the drive of the cargo and supply chain business unit, the one that brings together exceptional transport and technical logistics. This is an extremely complex sector that needs special attention, because when it comes to transport of this kind you need to be vertical in terms of expertise, and Bracchi is at European level in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

The figures for the individual company segments are growing: in the lift sector +22% over 2021, in the agricultural sector +24%, in the industrial sector +40%, in the cargo sector +20%. Today Bracchi operates eleven logistics centres and seven regional branches with a total of 330,000 square metres of warehousing space, and employs around 650 people in the various plants. In 2021 the group closed with sales of over 158 million euros, up on the 142 million of 2020, and expects double-digit growth in overall turnover in 2022 as well.

During the year, the company invested in the new logistics hub in Castrezzato (BS), which within a few weeks of the inaugural opening has already been doubled. The company has now arranged its pallets on the total forty thousand square metres of space, the rapid expansion being due to an agreement with an international lift supplier (lifts and escalators). The logistics space now employs around twenty people. The expansion in Northern Italy is not finished: the area lends itself to the possibility of building another 40 thousand square metres.

Also worth mentioning is the increase in the company’s presence in Slovakia, where the warehouse in Kostolne was expanded with the extension of operations to a new 10,000 square metre portion. Here, too, the expansion is linked to the industrial sector.

In the lift sector, Bracchi has been a European leader for more than 40 years, thanks to partnerships with the world’s leading lift and escalator manufacturers. The numbers in the sector are clear: 60,000 lifts shipped per year, 250 lifts received and stored every day in the warehouses of the logistics giant with headquarters in the Bergamo area and shipped worldwide, all thanks to 3 logistics poles specialising in the sector, 75,000 square metres of dedicated warehouse space and 1,370,000 units and components moved per year throughout Europe.

In addition to the traditional transport and logistics services, the company is a point of reference for the management of the entire supply-chain and takes care of everything from collection to consolidation, from handling to final delivery to the construction site, also by appointment, when unloading with crane-equipped vehicles. Thanks to a strategic network of certified and best-equipped partners Bracchi offers capillary distribution throughout Europe. It can also rely on a network of peripheral distribution warehouses for ‚last mile‘ delivery operations.

„Our warehouses are equipped with layouts and racks specifically for this sector: from rack storage systems to cantilevers designed for the bulkiest components,“ explains Cargo and Supply Chain business unit director, Mauro Crippa. „In our warehouses we handle inbound and outbound logistics, storage and consolidation. For some of our customers we develop integrated logistics systems to ensure complete supply chain management and full traceability of materials‘.

The agricultural sector, the first historic market in which Bracchi has established itself, is also growing. In fact, for thirty years the company has been handling logistics and transport for 80% of agricultural equipment manufacturers, all world-class companies. In this sector, Bracchi deals mainly with the storage and transport of finished products and exceptional transport, managing the storage, handling and transport of agricultural machinery. The team guarantees assistance during every phase of transport: from load analysis to route planning, from the completion of bureaucratic and procedural procedures to the application for permits and the organisation of stocks for exceptional transports. In the loading and unloading phase, the exceptional transport of agricultural machinery is supported by specific equipment such as trolleys, cranes and vertical transport systems that allow deliveries to be made directly to the exhibition or construction site.

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