• October 18, 2017

Bracchi hosts the “Forum of entrepreneurs” in the german logistic hub of Ettenheim, occasion in which we talked about future projects and we could visit and see the new warehouse. A building that allows us to reinforce the relationship with the sector in which Bracchi works as a leader: the lifting sector.

Ettenheim. A meeting between entrepreneurs was held in Ettenheim, at the German branch of Bracchi situated in the DYNA5 industrial area. The meeting, which took place on Monday 16th October, was attended by the Mayor of the Ettenheim Bruno Metz, the Mayor of Mahlberg Dietmar Benz, the Bracchi Management and many potential customers of the company.

The event had the aim to offer its guests a description of Bracchi and its business areas. The guests had the opportunity to share ideas and discuss about different topics, such as economy and business, administration and local politics and so on, in order to operate in a more coordinated way within the same market.

Ettenheim’s Mayor received the guests with a welcome speech and claimed to be proud of the efforts of many firms in the DYNA5 industrial area which have contributed to make it attractive and full of great future prospects. Bracchi Management too described it as an area of great opportunities for investment and development, especially thanks to its access to all European markets.

Bracchi has been present in the area since 2015, year in which the branch was inaugurated. After the first contacts between the company and the mayors of Ettenheim and Mahlberg in 2013, the realization occurred in record time: work started in March 2014 and before the end of the year the structure was completed. For this hi-tech logistic hub Bracchi invested over 16 million Euros:this investment is not only the greatest one within this industrial area, but also really appropriate considering the modernity of the equipment and the complexity of the computer systems used.

After the brief introduction, the guests had the chance to visit the warehouse: 3 pavilions with a floor area of 28.000 sq.m; 15 meters high ceilings; hundreds of meters of shelving, which are about 13 meters high and need forklift trucks to move materials. Two of the three pavilions are dedicated to an important customer in the elevators sector, who has forging a strategic partnership with Bracchi for years. This customer entrusted the company with the storing of single components that are assembled on-site, thanks to the technologically advanced equipment of the structure. Complete systems are then packed individually and transported all over Europe.

At the moment there are more than 2000 lifts in the logistic hub and, as the company Management states, “every elevator is unique”. The aim of Bracchi is to make processes more and more efficient and to reduce errors in all stages, in order to guarantee a certain quality of the service. This challenging goal is achievable only through highly qualified staff. On this subject, Marc Sauer, manager of the Ettenheim site, claims that the company will have to hire more and more qualified personnel in the future to expand its presence in Germany.

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