• 6 kwietnia, 2023

logistica outsourcing pack personalizzati bassanoThe Regional Office in Bassano del Grappa (VI) experienced an increase in on-demand services over the Easter holiday period: more than three million bottles of wine were in transit to Europe and the US.

Outsourcing in logistics is the operation whereby a company entrusts a logistics operator with the execution of operations on its goods, instead of carrying them out directly with its own staff. Managing warehouses and instant shipments is indeed complicated, which is why more and more companies are deciding to outsource their goods to logistics professionals.

At our Regional Office in Bassano del Grappa, we have set up spaces specifically designed for outsourcing logistics management for customers in the consumer goods sector. A few examples? There are wineries that sell mixed boxes on their website: our logistics professionals take bottles one by one from pallets and create the packaging required by the customer. At this time of year, then, more than three million bottles pass through for the UK and US markets, but also throughout Europe. But there are also products related to the gift world, such as gift boxes, mystery boxes containing culinary products or even hampers containing food and wine products, which require special packaging. On this front, processing increases of around 30-40% are being recorded.

In the weeks leading up to the Easter holidays, then, the department intensifies its activity because requests arrive for the packaging of special parcels, in which food products are mixed with small gadgets. In particular, there is a boom in the candy and confectionery department (peaks of up to +80% in orders). Orders in the high-tech sector are also growing. Entire areas of the warehouse, which were previously silent, are filling up with people packing and shipping what customers have requested. All this with the highest levels of quality control and speed of delivery worldwide.

„Companies are increasingly focused on production, their effort is optimised to improve the core business, not to manage the movement of goods,” comments Umberto Ferretti, CEO of Bracchi. „We are their partner on the logistics front, a set of highly specialised operations that require professionalism that a company can hardly find on the labour market.”

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