• September 22, 2021

Mauro Crippa, operation manager of Bracchi

Bracchi invests in technology and reacts to the high request of harvesting machines of the market. More than 1500 exceptional, agricultural machines, tractors and combine harvester transports every year.

Pioneers used to transport agricultural machines on trains, in particular harvesting machines, they unloaded them to the stations among thousands of ups and downs and then they were picked up from the client. Decades have passed since then, the logistic world linked to the agricultural transports is completely different by now. Bracchi was already on top of the world and Europe in the 90’s in the sector, because in order to answer to the needs of road transport, it realized the semi-trailer with detachable collar and air suspension, thanks to a technological partnership with two semi-trailer’s companies builders: it’s still the reference model since then. 

Bracchi is one of the European leader in the sector: our know-how and constant technological investment allow us to realize more than 1.500 exceptional transport every year, which is the 15% of the transports realized by the main leaders of the market. This is a sector that lived a true explosion in the last months: the requests after the pandemic break are increasing this market, which is always more focused on the research of means with the “internet of things technology”. Bracchi follows this trend: the revenue of the agricultural means section is growing of the 35% considering 2020 and it should settle on 25 million euros, in order to add the activities from the historical headquarter in Bergamo and the affiliate situated in Lublin, Poland.

Mauro Crippa, our Chief Operating Officer explains that: “The agricultural sector is one of our historical tradition, and we are proud to be among the European leaders from decades. We invested in technology and research in order to find tailor made solutions for logistic and transport of agricultural and industrial machines, that are getting bigger and heavier and need the use of means that are technologically advanced in order to be transported. It’s been 30 years since we have the honor to count among our partners the biggest corporation of the sector, which we help both for the transport and the logistic part. Thanks to the developed skills, the confidence and the quality we offer to our clients we had the chance to consolidate long-term partnership with companies known worldwide.

We invested 2,8 million euros in innovation this year in order to keep our activities at the top,  so that we could have the most advanced semi-trailers with detachable collar (both telescopic and not), but also road tractors with 3 light boards. We distinguish in our activities for the support we give in each phase of the transport too: from the analysis of the charge to the planning of the road, from the completion of the administratives procedures to the request of permission and the organization of the stocks for exceptional transports. During the load and unload phase the exceptional transport of agricultural machines is supported by specifics equipments, like trucks, cranes or vertical transport systems that allow us to realize deliveries to construction sites or trade fairs.

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