• July 28, 2021

Truckpooling grows in Europe

The demand has increased of +70% from Belgium and Germany. The online platform that delivers at the best price is used for the sales of privates and little companies, it announces its new services. is specialized in finding the best price for deliveries, by comparing top players couriers proposal on the market, and it tries to offer a constant assistance service, an element which is often lacking or poor in the various low cost proposal.

This is a business model that link perfectly with the new little web economies. There are more privates that sales online their own used objects, there’s a boom in the vintage or second-hand clothes sector. There is also a group of artisans or artists that create an activity in their garage or try to propose themselves to the market, without forgetting the little companies that didn’t have stable contacts with shippers and they’d like to expand in all Europe. New internet businesses need a logistic and delivery net that is effective and cheap, above all in this period of vertical growth in the e-commerce sector “do it yourself”. That’s why is recording big data growth, it’s one of the first web channel in Italy for the comparison of courier’s prices, and it’s used all over Europe.

Numbers in favour of the growth are excellent. There were 1,3 million users (unique visitors) in the first semester of the year with a growth of 55% compared to last year (the Covid year, when it was recorded an improvement in the use of the system caused by the boom of e-commerce). All key factors grow: +50% of visit to the website, +45% from mobile. The platform registered a +70% of orders in the same period. The majority of the foreign viewers are from Belgium (+60%), Germany (+50%), Netherlands (+30%) and France (+30%).

“We are pushed to the constant innovation of our services, this is the secret of our growth”, Lorenzo Annoni said, our Sales and Marketing manager. “We can mention new payments methods incoming (that are connected to digital systems for the transfer of money on the internet or pre-paid card) among our new services that will be implemented in the next months, new shippers in order to make the service cheaper and reliable and new pick-up points to simplify the delivery process of the packs, without having to wait for the couriers at home”.

Truckpooling is the only channel that can give a total customization of the user’s delivery, with the selection of additional services like delivery floor delivery, pick-up point delivery selection, goods insurance and tail-lift booking.  The platform is also developed on mobile version, for a fast use on smartphone and tablet too. A series of additional services have been added: the insurance of transported goods or the cash on delivery (also abroad), useful for people who buy online and prefer to pay when they receive the delivery.

“We are very satisfied of the results we reached up to now”, Annoni concludes. “We believe that the future of deliveries among privates, but also companies, will grow through portals like, that are capable of give the best service at the best price. That’s why Bracchi decided to invest in the project and include it with all services and system logics of the group”. 

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