• October 18, 2018

Bracchi at the Conftrasporto International Forum: an important occasion in which we talked about transports and logistic of the goods, with speeches of relevant people of the sector. This was a meeting where Bracchi retraced its 90 years of history and innovation.

The fourth edition of Conftrasporto International Forum, organized by Confcommercio and The European House – Ambrosetti, took place on the 8th and 9th of October in Cernobbio, on Lake Como.

A two days in the prestigious location of Villa d’Este to talk about the world of transport and logistics. Among the speakers that attended the forum there were not only institutions like the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, and the Undersecretary for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Stefano Buffagni. The Forum was also an opportunity to gather the stories of the most important international shipping and logistics companies about trends, dynamics and chances of this ever expanding market.

One of the topics discussed was the relationship between industry and logistics, and Mauro Crippa, General Manager of Bracchi , was a speaker on the issue. On this occasion he told the story of a group that, since 1929, has achieved increasingly ambitious goals by working closely with the industrial world.

The General Manager of Bracchi looked back over the last 90 years based on progress and evolution from a local transport company to a leading player in Europe and in the world in the shipping and logistics sector.

In addition to our particular vocation for road freight and exceptional transport, Bracchi has began to expand into new businesses in Italy and abroad. For this reason new branches were opened in PolandGermany and Slovakia and Bracchi started the first industrial logistics projects. A strategic choice that, as Mauro Crippa explained, has allowed Bracchi to offer a wider and more diversified range of services thanks to an extensive and constantly monitored network.

In this way Bracchi can guarantee its customers a complete value chain, totally integrated in the customer supply chain and able to cover all the different market needs. That includes inbound management, from the procurement of materials to the delivery to customers’ production and building sites.

Our commitment has led us today to become the reference point for global leaders in the elevator and vertical moving market, but also in agricultural machinery, electromechanical, cosmetic and fashion sectors. In these highly specialized niche sectors providing a satisfactory shipping service means creating added value for clients.

Our customers’ demands represent a continuous push for us to work harder and better to meet every need and keep up with industry. According to Mauro Crippa “doing industrial logistics today means not only satisfying increasingly demanding customers but also being at the service of a fully integrated supply chain“. Which means that Bracchi can not afford delays and must face current and future challenges like the digitization of the services provided and the traceability in the production and value chain.

In the modern supply chain management, where the principles of Total Integration and Just-In-Time principle reign, digitizing means making each parcel traceable, from the take over until the delivery, unloading and placement.

The range of services provided to our customers goes from pure transport to shipping, from integrated logistics to intermodal transport. All of which is done in full respect of the product integrity during transport, ensuring a punctual, reliable and quality service and an adequate logistics support.

The widening and diversification of the services offered have allowed Bracchi to grow and invest more and more in technology, innovation and logistics. The project for a third logistic hub in Slovakia and the recent acquisition of BAS Group are a result of this commitment.

The ability to renew ourself to keep up with a constantly evolving market and with the needs of a demanding and diversified customers has enabled Bracchi to stand out in the market in a dynamic and competitive way.

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