• April 20, 2021

Gabriele Facchinetti, Bracchi's CFO

Bracchi grows during the year of Covid and confirms itself as leader in the elevator and agricultural sectors. A great improvement was registered in the e-commerce and electromechanical sector, good news also for the health care sector.

Bracchi continued to grow despite all the problems caused by Covid-19, in order to finish the year in positive: the revenue change from 137 million in 2019 to 140 million in 2020. This is a very interesting value, considering that 2019 had already represented a huge growth for the company. The revenue is not the only growing element from last year, because it was also registered a growth of the work-force: there are 600 people working in Bracchi’s logistic hubs in Lombardia, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna and also in the foreign ones. Bracchi is getting more and more international, with a global growth of the revenue of the 11% from the logistic hubs situated in Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

The data of the balance comes in an historical year, the one of Peterlini’s acquisition, an Italian excellence of exceptional and technical transport that manages transports up tp 80-100 tons. Peterlini Transports with the headquarter in Sorbolo (province of Parma) guaranteed the expansion of the edge of action and it is the confirm of the correct company growing strategy.

“The Covid-19 crisis was limited by great performances from the elevator and agricultural sectors” explains our CFO Gabriele Facchinetti. “There was a huge boom in the e-commerce, in the areas dedicated to cosmetics, health-care and electromechanics, they all survived the difficult year of the pandemic. 2020 was really hard for all companies, with long periods of closing down for a lot of production activities: some business areas suffered an important reduction, but everything was balanced by the great growing of others sectors and from the online commerce”.

2019 quota were kept in the agricultural and elevator sector, 2 pillars in Bracchi, and it’s expected a recovery and growth phase for 2021. The European leadership of the company is confirmed by doing this, which is able to offer high competitive performances and tailor-made services for the client in these sectors.

2020 has also seen a considerable growth in the cosmetics and health-car sector, a segment that is getting more and more strategic for Bracchi. The drop of distribution in fashion and life-style supply-chain sector was balanced from the web sales (in 2021 a great improvement is excpected). More and more electromechanical companies started to assign inbound and outbound logistic operations, transport and distribution of raw and finished materials, but also exceptional transports with stock and permissions, with the chance of unloading with owned cranes or crane-truck.

E-commerce and deliveries sector improved of 50% its performances, both B2B B2C and C2C. 2021 will be a year of great news and recovery, starting from the “pro” version of Truckpooling (, the innovative digital channel that let privates and companies check the offers of various vectors and then buy in a fast and economic way any type of delivery and ancillary service. The excpectations are very high, also because a 50% improvement was registered from Truckpooling performances.

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